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Chute'Em Up Parasail

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Trip: Early Birdy Special edit

July 12, 2019 at 7:30am (1.5 hours)

x $69.00 = $0.00
If there is room on the boat. x $37.00 = $0.00
7 and under x $20.00 = $0.00
x $25.00 = $0.00
We also offer to take lots of pictures of your flight so you will have memories for years to come. We shoot the images on a digital camera and give you the SD card when we get back to the dock to keep. This way you get to fully enjoy the flight and vividly remember and share it with friends and family later.
x $35.00 = $0.00
We now offer the chance for you to rent a camera and shoot HD video your trip from your prospective. We will send you home with your flight on an SD card.
x $50.00 = $0.00
When we take your pictures and you shoot your video, you get to save $10.00.

About This Event

Early birds get the worm!
Enjoy this awesome trip with cooler air temps, longer rides, and discounted flights!